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Small Space Essentials

Whether you are heading back to campus or looking to improve your home office, there are just a few essentials you need to create a small workspace with major impact.

1. No more clutter.

A tidy workspace makes a happy workplace. In the age of multi-tasking, minimizing distractions are critical to productivity. If it's not a part of the task at hand, it should be out of sight, out of mind. Analyze what you use everyday, store it neatly with modern organizers, then ditch the rest.

2. Smart storage.

When you need it, it's there. Keep important documents and tools within arms reach. Desks with built-in storage are ideal and open storage units keep the space feeling light and airy while storing objects of all shapes and sizes. If you like the modern look of an open desk, opt for a mobile storage pedestal!

3. Ergonomics

Is your chair comfortable and supportive? Can you adjust your computer monitor to best suit your work style? How about task lighting? Don't overlook these office essentials simply because of budget. There are many ergonomic solutions available at affordable prices. Feeling comfortable in your workspace will make you far more productive. When rethinking your office setup remember; seeing should feel effortless and maintaining a natural posture is beneficial to your health.

4. Finishing Touches

Now that you have everything organized in your ergonomic and clutter-free workspace, it's time to make it uniquely yours. Consider adding artwork or a photo that helps you to feel calm and focused. Also, a great addition is a wireless speaker to play some low-key mood music. The white noise will keep you upbeat and don't be surprised if you find yourself whistling while you work!

Follow the links above to browse products online or visit our showroom to get started on your small space makeover today.

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